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DHI, or Direct Hair Implantation, as a term, means directly transplanting the hair follicles. In this method, unlike the conventional FUE, grooving is not carried out before the hair transplantation; the hair is transplanted directly using special needles called implanters. 

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How do Choi Implanter Pens work?

The Choi implanter pen originated from the National University in Korea, the idea behind this technique is simple and combines making channel incisions sited in the recipient area and implanting the extracted follicles in one process. A Choi implanter pen is a pen-like device with a hollow needle at the tip and it is connected with a tube and a plunger. The doctor loads the follicles extracted from the donor region into the implanter pen, the follicles are put gently, using tweezers, inside the hollow needle (at the end of the implanter pen). Then the pen is used to implant the preloaded follicles into the scalp, the doctor inserts the needle at an appropriate angle into the scalp (making a channel incision site) and implants the follicle by pressing down on the plunger. This process is then repeated to implant one graft at a time.

During a typical transplant procedure, the doctor performing the procedure and the medical team working with him/her use about six implanter pens alternately to get the best transplant result in a timely manner. Each of these implanter pens is equipped with various sizes of needles to fit single, double and triple hair follicle units. With DHI, there is no need to open channel incisions. The doctor can now inject the follicles directly into the recipient area without the need to open the channel incisions, reducing trauma and bleeding during the hair transplant procedure. In addition, this technique results in faster healing for patients.  

Does the Choi Implanter Pen Increase density?

The major advantage of the implanter pen technique is that the client doesn't need to have their head completely shaven. It is easy to increase hair density by implanting the follicles between the existing hairs. Many patients who seek hair transplants as a hair loss treatment often abandon the idea because the hair needs be completely shaven off before starting the hair transplant. This is necessary when FUE is used to create the channel incisions before implanting the follicles. Using the Choi implanter pen, the existing hair in the recipient areas no longer needs to be shaved. Choi pens can be used to inject the follicles between the existing hairs easily.

This method of transplant has another major advantage, when follicles are re-planted between the existing hairs, the doctor can clearly see the natural angle of hair growth, and thus can perfectly position each follicle to match the existing hair. These unique advantages of using Choi implanter pen provides an exceptional benefit for beard and eyebrow transplants, as this technique gives the patient better aesthetic results in terms of density and appearance. The most important thing is that it guarantees that there will be no scars on the face since no incisions are created in the procedure.

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