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FUE - Transplant Procedure...

This method is based on the extraction of hair follicles from the donor area (the back of the head) which is resistant to the factors that cause hair loss which are hormones and DHT. The grafts are then transferred from the donor area to areas of thinning hair or baldness in a way that leaves no lines or scars. This technique is considered painless and total healing takes place after 7-14 days of hair transplantation.  

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Consultation and preparation before the surgery

Hair Transplant Solutions & Clinicana have many experts and specialists in the field of hair transplantation. Our team is ready to provide medical advice for your case. All you have to do is just send us pictures of your area of concern. Our medical team will evaluate the situation and give an opinion on the quality and density of your donor area and will feed back on how many grafts can be taken from your donor area in one session without causing damage or scarring. A pre-operation interview after arriving at the clinic to examine the situation closely and learn about the medical history follows next.

Standard blood tests are then performed and discussed before the operation on day one. The procedure is also preceded by some preparations to discuss how many grafts are available exactly and where they will be placed by drawing the new front hairline. The patient's hair is then fully shaven or partly shaven at the donor area depending on your personal situation of hair loss.  

1 - Extracting the grafts

At this stage, the follicles will be extracted from the backside of the head (the donor area). The first stage begins by anesthetising the back region of the head, which is the hair bank. Local anaesthetic continues for five minutes administered by surgical needles. The advantage of this method is that it produces very small, invisible and quick healing holes. These holes heal quickly the next day. The patient lies face down on a special bed for graft removal. This stage takes 2-2.5 hours depending on the number of grafts to be picked up. After the extraction of the grafts, the area is sterilized and covered.

The number of follicles that have been obtained is proportional to the quality, thickness and density of the hair bank (donor area). The better the donor area, the higher the number of follicles extracted will be. At the end of this stage we have obtained the bulbs required for the hair transplantation process and it is now possible to determine the percentages of single, double and triple (one two and three hairs in each bulb). The grafts are then placed in a nutritious solution to keep the follicles in the appropriate environment until they are used.  

2 - Drawing of the hair line

The front line of the hair is the most important stage in hair transplantation. The natural line of hair begins after the last muscle layer when eyebrows are raised. The patient is asked to raise the forehead upwards so that the natural line is drawn because the front line is linked to the muscle layers in the head which in turn rise up with age. This means that the front line will rise with it and this should be taken into consideration when choosing the new front hairline for the patient to get the most natural look. We are well aware of this fact, so our medical staff are very interested in these fine details which will give amazing results to satisfy the customers' ambition to get natural and healthy hair.

After the front line is drawn, the areas where the hair will be very abundant are chosen to give the natural appearance and to restore the hair density of the target areas. After discussing the front line and taking all steps, a local anaesthetic is administered to the area which takes a maximum of 2-5 minutes. The client will not feel the hair transplantation taking place, only the initial feeling of administering the local anaesthetic can be felt which is a very quick and normal procedure.  

3 - Opening the channels line

After anaesthestic and processing of the area, channels are opened either in the Birkutan or Microfibromatology method by the specialist doctor. The choice depends on the condition of the hair loss and the size of the grafts and their lengths.

The doctors at the clinic choose the most appropriate method and sometimes the two methods are merged into the opening of micro-channels to give the patient the best result and achieve the highest natural density as possible.  

4 - Planting the grafts

This stage is the last stage of hair transplantation and at this point the patient lies on their back. This period takes 2-3.5 hours. Here the hair follicles are placed in the front line to give the natural appearance using single follicle grafts for a soft natural look. After the front line is finished, the double and triple bulbs are placed in the upper and middle regions of the head to give higher density in these areas.

After completion of follicle planting, a thorough examination and inspection of the entire area is carried out from the front line to the back and this process takes 15 minutes after which the head is washed and cleaned with sterile water and then the back is covered with a sterile gauze and the hair planted area remains uncovered until the following day. After the completion of the hair transplantation, the customer can then return to the hotel directly and rest from the operation.  

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