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The Transplant Service Process...

Hair transplant procedures are becoming more and more popular. Hair loss can be a big demotivating factor for many, so the use of an effective hair transplant from Hair Transplant Solutions and Clinicana in Istanbul can regain your confidence. So we’ve put together an overview of the process along with considerations that may effect the hair transplant procedure. Please read on below.

Take a look at Hair Transplant Soltutions & Clinicana's short guide video to see just how easy it all is

There are many factors affecting the success of hair transplant procedure such as hair structure, form and grade of hair loss and quality of donor area. Whilst it is possible to obtain an average opinion with photos taken from various angles (front, right and left profile, top and back side) before pre-interview, please keep in mind that you need to have an individual consultation with the Clinic doctor to ensure a clear and accurate diagnosis. People considering hair transplant surgery should not ignore the fact that the number of grafts to be transplanted completely depends on your donor area. Having higher density of hair in your donor area means you have more hair available for the hair transplant and the number of grafts to be transplanted increases in this way.

The donor area of each person has a total limit capacity and it is possible to damage the donor area in cases where the capacity is exceeded. Our hospital does not exceed capacity in any case.

The onsite doctors analyse the facial anatomy (localisation of frontal muscles, hair density, hair loss area and face shape) simultaneously and determine the most appropriate frontal hair line regarding your requests.

Then, the doctor(s) determine the boundary points which will limit frontal hair line and graft distribution and make some markings over your head with pen to illustrate the new hairline.

It is very important to consider a patient's age, facial shape and his/her own requests during the phase of hair planning.The most appropriate and aesthetic hair line is determined by you and the doctor depending on your desires and requests.

What considerations may affect a hair transplant procedure?


  • The structure, size and texture of the scar in people who had previously undergone hair transplantation with FUT method affects the donor area in some cases

  • Significant fat layers in nape area due to excess weight might affect the donor area

  • Skin diseases such as psoriasis.

If you are looking for the ultimate expert in hair transplantation techniques, then look no further. Hair Transplant Solutions are the UK representatives for Clinicana Hair Transplant Centre Istanbul - a clinic synonymous with delivering the best hair transplants in Istanbul and beyond.

Hair Transplant Solutions take great pride in their work and focus entirely on each client individually to deliver excellent personalised results. We understand the lack of confidence that comes with hair loss, and that is why we work so hard to get each client the very best results. We are the number one solution for those who want the very best in hair transplantation procedures.


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