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Fully inclusive package inc. hotel stay & airport chaufeur £2170 with maximum grafts up to 5000 (flights not included) or for an extra £170 you can use our popular 5 star reveiwed Chaperone service and be accompanied by Tony Owen. CHECK our monthly Chaperone dates.


BEFORE 03.04.23


AFTER 05.09.23

Steven had 5000 grafts

The images here show a small selection of recent clients results

Welcome and quick overview of our chaperone service by Tony Owen...

  • Coordinated by Tony for the whole 2 days

  • Fully inclusive package, flights not included

  • Airport chauffeur pickups and drop offs + hospital & hotel

  • 4* hotel stay, 2 or 3 nights breakfast & wifi included

  • Hairline design with Tony in the consultation with the doctor

  • Maximum graft possible procedure up to 5000 grafts

  • Aftercare pack & 12 months support personally by Tony

  • 100% 5-star reviews

  • Tony’s chaperone service is available to people worldwide in all countries including Europe, USA, Malaysia, Australia and Canada.

Tony Owen MD of Hair Transplant Solutions

Just take a look at our short guide above to see just how easy it all is.
CLICK HERE to view the FULL guide.


Watch the videos below to hear from some of our happy previous clients

Steven - West Lancashire

Procedure date: April 2023

Graft numbers: 5000

12 months after

David - Manchester

Procedure date: September 2023

Number of grafts: 4900

8 months after

Mark - Wirral

1st procedure date: March 2022 

Number of grafts: 4000

2nd procedure date: February 2023

Number of grafts: 3800

23 months & 12 months later

Paul - Stoke

Procedure date: March 2023

Number of grafts: 3000

11 months later

Ben - Manchester

Procedure date: December 2021

Number of grafts: 4200

10 months later

Dan - Southport

Procedure date: March 2019

Number of grafts: 4000

12 months after

Adam - Liverpool

Procedure date: February 2022

Number of grafts: 4600

12 months later

Richard - Bournemouth

Procedure date: October 2021

Number of grafts: 3400

12 months later

Introducing Clinicana - our trusted hair transplant partner in Istanbul...

  • Globally known for being one of the best clinics in Istanbul & Europe

  • Thousands of real Trustpilot and Google reviews

  • English speaking

  • Cutting-edge sapphire FUE & DHI techniques

  • Located in one of the newest & most hi-tech hospitals in Istanbul

  • JCI accreditation

The staff of Clinicana, Istanbul

Take a look at Hair Transplant Solutions Clinicana’s quick video overview to see how good they are.



5 stars out of 5!

We’re very proud of our 250+ 5 Star reviews on Trustpilot so take a look at all our happy people and their reviews of our service.

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Our awards...

Hair Transplant Solutions Award
Hair Transplant Solutions GHP Award
Hair Transplant Solutions Award
Hair Transplant Solutions Award
Hair Transplant Solutions GHP Award
Hair Transplant Solutions GHP Award
Hair Transplant Solutions Award

Just some of our great before and after pictures. Click here to see full gallery.

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