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Most trustable hair transplant provider in the GHP Global awards, we’ve won it for the last 3 years

Hair Transplant Solutions continues impressive growth

For the third time, Hair Transplant Solutions has won the most trusted hair transplant provider in the GHP Awards and this doesn’t come as a surprise if you take a deeper dive to look at what’s been going on over the last twelve months as this award winning outfit continues to impress its many clients whilst amassing a commendable amount of 5 star reviews and racking up a peerless collection of before and after imagery that goes to show why this is a business that really does suit the phrase “The one to watch”

Tony Owen – Owner and MD of Hair Transplant Solutions talks to GHP exclusively; “The chaperone service that we offer continues to be the most popular package as clients really do love the hand holding experience from start to finish where they literally don’t have to worry about anything as I take care of it all for them – from ensuring they get the travel arrangements sorted to organising the shuttle to and from the airport, to and from the hotel and the clinic. The biggest advantage the chaperone client gets is the fact they have me in the room with them when their hairlines are being designed and planned. It’s very important at this stage that the client is listened to and is 100% happy with the design as so many clients that come to us for repair procedures tell us that they weren’t necessarily listened to at their previous clinic and that they came out with something they simply didn’t expect. All those issues and so many more are non existent with Hair Transplant Solutions and to be honest that also applies to those who choose to travel alone, selecting the virtual chaperone trip – on this option I am there but over the phone to talk them through the stages and ensure things go to plan.”

Hair Transplant Solutions is into its sixth year now and clients travel from all over the world with Tony to have their procedures done in the partner clinic in Istanbul – in the last few trips, clients have travelled from London, Manchester, Liverpool, Scotland, Ireland, New Zealand, Dubai and Malaysia, Australia just to name a few. The attraction is the price and quality difference in Turkey vs the rest of the world as the prices are very attractive whilst the quality very high. “Not all Turkey clinics are the same” Tony adds “I planned the business over a number of years interviewing over fifty of the best to ensure that the best partner was selected for Hair Transplant Solutions. I have also had all three types of hair transplant performed on me over fifteen years so I am armed with a wealth of knowledge that is put to perfect use with our clients. We also pride ourselves in not over harvesting grafts from the donor area, we do a very intricate and well planned out procedure that ensures the client retains a healthy donor area as some of the clients with large areas of baldness in particular need that area to be maintained in case they need a second transplant. We deal with everything from those who just want increased hair thickness and density to those who have male pattern baldness that’s been bothering them for a while. We also do a lot of procedures on those who have sadly made the decision to get cheap transplants done in the UK thinking they will get as good a job as they will with us and it simply doesn’t happen. These clients have thin hair with minimal density after being promised mega graft procedures. The UK is quite canny in terms of advertising – adverts tend to offer “maximum grafts” but they simply cannot deliver the same number of grafts that we do for the same price. I hear the same story quite a lot on this subject and clients all say the same thing afterwards; ‘I wish I would have come with you in the first place.”

For any clients interested in talking with Tony about Hair Transplants please visit for more detail and dates on the net chaperone trips.

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