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Why not to get a cheap hair transplant in the UK

Example of cheap hair transplants done in the U.K.

Why we strongly advise against having your hair transplant done in the UK unless you spend £10,000+

The UK is expensive

It’s no secret that the UK has always been known for its expensive medical procedures, and that’s definitely the case when it comes to hair transplants. The cost for UK hair transplants five years ago was around £3-£5 per graft. Only the wealthy and famous like Wayne Rooney et al could afford to have high density grafts numbers (3500 grafts = £10,000+)

Watch out for misleading advertising

Lots of hair transplant clinics in the UK now have separate divisions in their business, offering packages priced at between £2,000-£2,500 in an attempt to compete withTurkey’s great value prices for medical procedures. There are adverts out there with straplines that say, “Don’t fly to Turkey when you can get it done here for the same price” and the concerning thing is that people in the UK are buying into this, thinking they will get the same value for money you get in Turkey. It comes as no surprise that these same people then end up totally disappointed when the numbers of grafts they receive are lower than expected - giving very weak results.

Each month we have so many people sending pictures to Hair Transplant Solutions with results like this, one year after having their procedures done at one of these cheap UK clinics. Quite a few of these people had their procedures doneduring Covid because flying to Turkey wasn’t permitted. I still talk to people who are convinced that the UK offers they see advertised means they don’t need to fly to Turkey to get their procedure done and they believe they can get a high-quality transplant at low prices in the UK that will deliver brilliant results – they simply won’t. We have a lot of experience in fixing these types of hair transplants in the UK at these low prices as lots of clients have been coming to us for this very reason.

First-hand experience of UK hair transplants

I had my hair transplant done in the UK. The doctor didn’t tell me how many grafts I would get, they just said they would fill the bald area which was all very vague. They transplanted 1200 grafts, but I needed 4000. This cost me £4000 - that’s £3.33 per graft! I was naturally very disappointed after 18 months with such poor results, so I decided to go to Istanbul to a highly reputable clinic to get it done properly. You can see my results in the picture above after the having 1200 grafts in that UK clinic along with a few other examples of transplants in the UK ranging from £2,500-£5,000.

Why Turkey can offer better value

There are many new clinics in the UK offering £2,000 packages on social media. Yet these clinics are offering competitive prices to Turkey, but they are NOT delivering good results. The high UK cost of running one of these clinics and employing people means less time can be spent doing the procedure and means fewer grafts will be placed in the few hours allowed for each patient. Our clinic takes 7-8 hours per procedure, this allows enough time for the team to extract the high numbers of grafts (without damage to the donor area) needed to give high density and natural results (check our results on our website). The Turkish economy and industry set up allows you to get the best value for money for medical procedures. The UK economy cannot deliver this.

Do your research

Not all Turkish clinics are good. There are 350 clinics in Istanbul alone an unrivalled amount in comparison to the rest of the world. Turkey is the medical capital of the world, so you have to do your research carefully (I interviewed over 50 clinics) and don’t listen to false promises about having a procedure for £1,200 or less for 7000 grafts. Remember, these clinics only want your money so don’t be taken in by it. If you have your hair transplant done on the UK, pay the £10,000 to £12,000 for 3500 grafts or expect disappointing results.

Hopefully this article helps you navigate the many pitfalls associated with having your hair transplant done in the UK. If you want to chat with me, I am highly experienced in this field and my sole purpose remains focused on getting you the best possible quality hair transplant. Good luck!

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